Canadian citizenship

Apply to become a Canadian citizen, prepare for the citizenship test and find out how you can resume or give up your Canadian citizenship.

Apply for citizenship

Find out if you can apply, how to apply, check processing times, and how to prepare for the test and ceremony

Prepare for the citizenship test

Find out if you need to take the test, how to get a date, what to study and what happens after

Get proof of citizenship

Apply for a citizenship certificate, get processing times, and know which documents are accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship

Resume citizenship

What to do if you are a former citizen who willingly gave up Canadian citizenship and want to become a Canadian citizen again

Give up citizenship

How to renounce your Canadian citizenship if, for example, you want to become a citizen of a country that does not allow dual citizenship

Celebrate being Canadian

Citizenship ceremonies and activities, Canadian history and contests and awards

Prepare for the citizenship ceremony

Prepare for your ceremony, find out what happens at the ceremony, including getting your citizenship certificate and what to do after

Find a citizenship ceremony

See where and when citizenship ceremonies happen across the country

What we are doing

Discover Canada

Read the only official study guide for the Canadian citizenship test.

Dual Canadian citizens: Fly to Canada with a valid CDN passport

Starting November 10, 2016, you will need a valid Canadian passport to board a flight to Canada.

Questions about citizenship?

Find quick and direct answers to your questions about Canadian citizenship.

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